Alderney Society - Research


The Alderney Society encourages research to be carried out on Alderney. Research projects recently funded by The Alderney Society include the last 3 years of archaeological digs at the Nunnery site looking into Roman use of the island. University Masters and PHD students often carry out research based on the Museum collections or on the environmental history of Alderney.

Research Projects

The Society assists various projects including the following.

History and Archaeology Research Section

This section is run by the Alderney Society for members interested in researching the History and Archaeology of Alderney. Current research projects include the 1830 division of land based on maps from the Ministry of defence, translation of early Alderney Court records in Latin and French, and 1940 property census records. Please contact us for further details.

PHD projects are often completed based on Alderney's history, most recently projects have focused on the German occupation during the Second World War and the labour and concentration camps on the island.

Undergraduate dissertations are carried out on a wide topic range, including, vegetation succession after the abandonment of arable farming on Alderney, studies of the Channel Islands in Antiquity and papers based on the resettlement and return of the islanders in 1945.

The Alderney Society archives into the museum copies of projects that individuals have completed both with and without the assistance of the Society.


If you would like to do your own research with the help of our archives and our staff please download a form here.

If you would like to propose a research project to the Society please contact us.