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By Roger Venne & Geoffrey Allez
Guernsey inc p&p 5.25
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Gathering together the writings of 19th Century travellers, Alderney Annals gives a unique insight into bygone Alderney. Illustrated with many contemporary prints and old photographs, it is a book that cannot fail to appeal to resident and visitor alike.

By Michael St.J Packe & Maurice Dreyfus
Guernsey inc p&p 7.00
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From personal accounts and contemporary documents the Alderney Story is a collection of all reliable reminiscences, whether written or verbal, lest with the passage of time the opportunity should be lost forever over the period 1939 - 1949 encompassing the years of occupation of the Channel Islands by the German occupying forces of World War II.

By Trevor Davenport
Guernsey inc p&p 23.00
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This work is, in part, a follow up to 'The Fortifications of Alderney' by Colin Partridge & Trevor Davenport published 1993. It is not meant as a definitive work on the German Occupation of Alderney but is rather an attempt to illustrate the layout of the German works including field fortifications that existed at Liberation in May 1945.

By Trevor Davenport
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With the demand for information of Victorian fortification, this fully illustrated paperback was produced to answer most of the commonly asked questions regarding Alderney's Victorian Forts and harbour. This version, published in 2009 by the author and the Alderney Society, is a more comprehensive booklet to its earlier version published in 2004.

Revised with additional information and photographs
Vol 1
Alderney Society. Edited by Trevor Davenport
Guernsey inc p&p 7.20
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In over 30 years since its first publication there have been a number of articles in the Alderney Society Bulletin describing island military & naval history. The Alderney Society has decided to republish some of these and this first volume is composed mostly, but not entirely, of articles from recent Bulletins.
As unpleasant memories fade, the most traumatic period in Alderney's history is an accepted part of the Island's military past along with the Victorian period.

in Guernsey, Alderney and Sark
By Festung Guernsey
Guernsey inc p&p 20.00 UK & Jersey inc p&p 23.50

The Channel Islands were the only British territory to be occupied by Nazi Germany during the Second World War. What locals refer to as 'The Occupation' lasted from June 1940 until the 9th of May 1945. It was a unique experience that has brought the Islands more than their fair share of attention from historians, documentary-makers and novelists. Solid reminders of the Occupation remain in the form of extensive fortifications constructed to make the Islands impregnable. 'Festung Guernsey' was to be Hitler's Island fortress in the English Channel.
As the grim war years fade from memory, the German defences have become a focus of interest for tourists and for students of fortifications. Some are maintained as historic monuments with suitable interpretation to enable visitors to appreciate the sites. Others have however been destroyed, or are under threat from the relentless forces of nature. Frost action, flooding, the decay of reinforcing bars and pounding by the sea is taking its toll. Fortunately there are groups within the Islands who have an interest in the fortifications. Festung Guernsey investigates sites that are half buried or half-forgotten, clearing vegetation and rubbish, opening them up for the first time for half a century. They work to stabilise sites under threat through practical conservation methods. Finally, they help bring the sites to public attention so that visitors can appreciate and understand them. The tunnels which are the subject of this book were excavated during Europe's darkest hours. Much of the work was carried out by slave labour from occupied Europe and Africa. Poorly fed and brutally treated, an unknown number died in the completion of these works. Even contracted labourers worked under a degree of duress. Whilst admiring the engineering skill applied in these projects we must never forget the cruelty through which they were carried out.
We have a duty to remember the lessons of the past, to record evidence before it is lost and to preserve what we can to inform future generations. Festung Guernsey carries out all three tasks with the completion of this book.

By A H S Lucas
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Revised in 2015 this is a collection of short stories, some very amusing, about the people and events in Alderney.



By Peter Foreman
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UK & Jersey inc p&p 7.00


During the Nazi Occupation of the Channel Islands teenager Aurelie Duplain is left to fend for herself on Alderney when her boyfriend, Louis Ferrier, is imprisoned in France.
In 1945 Louis returns to the island but finds no trace of Aurelie. She seems to have vanished.

Twenty years later, Roland Haynes, a young writer, arrives in Alderney to write his first novel and has an eerie encounter that sets him and Louis on a search to discover what happened to the beautiful Aurelie.

What Roland unfolds is a tragic tale of love, courage and the destruction of beauty in an age of violence that chillingly parallels our own.
'Aurelie' is Peter Foreman's second novel, and it tells a story as strange and compelling as his first, 'Pisuktuk the Wanderer.'

By Edward Pinnegar
Guernsey inc p&p 12.00
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A History of Aviation in Alderney takes a brisk and affectionate look at a previously neglected topic, the lifetime of powered flight on this Channel Island. Packed with information, characters and anecdotes, it covers the period from 1919 to the present day, encompassing the Nazi occupation, the birth (and death) of various airlines, and all the major accidents and incidents that the island and its waters have seen.

Commemorating the past but also looking to the future, and championing Alderney Airport in its 75th year, the book is not solely aimed at the aviation enthusiast or the Alderney resident. It also looks at connections with the other
Channel Islands of Guernsey, Jersey and Sark, touching on their own aviation stories, and it considers the many benefits that air links have provided to these island
communities. Illustrated throughout, both in black and white and in colour, A History of Aviation in Alderney takes flight and reveals its charm.

By Brian Bonnard
Guernsey inc p&p 15.00
UK & Jersey inc p&p 16.00


Georgi Kondakov was 16 when he was brought to Alderney in August 1942 with about 1,000 other young Russians to build part of Hitler's Atlantic Wall defences and suffered the hardships of having little nourishing food, inadequate clothing, occasional beatings, no medical attention and hard manual work for 12 hours a day. Many died.

Some of the survivors were taken back to France in 1943. Kondakov escaped from the train taking them to Germany and joined the French resistance in Paris. Two years after his return to Russia when the war ended, he was sent to a Siberian labour camp by Stalin, where he endured even worse conditions before being allowed home to Orel in 1951.

Many years later, the interchange of a long series of his letters, translated by Galina Chernakova, resulted in this book about his experiences in Alderney as a slave-worker and later in 1990 when, by courtesy of the States of Alderney, the author arranged for him to return to the island for almost 3 weeks as their honoured guest.

By Brian Bonnard
Guernsey inc p&p 22.50
UK & Jersey inc p&p 25.75



From the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century, a Militia of able-bodied men over the age of 16 was retained permanently to defend the island, and enhanced by garrisons of English Troops at the times of war.

This book explores the fascinating history of this remote and richly contested outpost since the days of the Norman Conquest. Richly illustrated with over 220 pictures, it demonstrates why Alderney has always been a vital English domain.

By John Ovenden & David Shayer
Guernsey inc p&p 12.50
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The dangerous waters around the Channel Islands have been testing ships to destruction for centuries, and shipwrecks have always been an ,integral feature of island life.

Following on from their previous collaboration, The Wreck of the Stella, the authors seek to fill a gap in island studies. Shipwrecks of the Channel Islands recounts for the first time in detail the stories of twenty-two major shipwrecks dating from Roman times to the present day. Bringing together detailed historical research and diving expertise, the authors tell the fascinating stories of each vessel, describing the events leading up to the disasters, examining the impact on the lives of those involved, and, where discovered, exploring their final resting places. These narratives are told with the help of log books, newspaper reports, enquiry findings and the stories of survivors.

This engrossing book is a moving testament to the power of the sea and the tenacity of the human spirit.

By Royston Raymond
Guernsey inc p&p 14.50
UK & Jersey inc p&p 15.50


During the 11th and 12th centuries Norman French might well have become the dominant dialect of France but was superseded by that of the ILE DE FRANCE which was the territorial base of an increasingly powerful and
centralised monarchy. It belonged to the west Romance group of languages and therefore had features in common with Spanish or Portuguese. As it declined into a mere peasant "parler" Norman French ceased to be
written. Consequently the majority of our Channel Island place-names were transcribed on maps and in documents into standard French. This has led to confusion and the supercilious assumption that we islanders
mispronounce our "French" place-names. Not so.

By A H Ewen
Guernsey inc p&p 6.25
UK & Jersey inc p&p 6.75



Revised in 2005 this fully illustrated booklet covers bygone eras from Megalithic through the Norman, Tudor and Stuart periods to Victorian times.

By John Nettles
Guernsey inc p&p 15.76
UK & Jersey inc p&p 17.20


It used to be thought that the Occupation of the Channel Islands was a rather gentle, even benign affair, utterly unlike that, of, say France or Holland.
That is not the truth. The real history of the Occupation is very different. It is a story of a sustained and wholesale attack on human values, of great suffering, venality, violence and grotesque and hideous murder.

By Victor Coysh
Guernsey inc p&p 4.00
UK & Jersey inc p&p 4.50


The shores of Alderney are both attractive and deadly and their 'wreck record' is high. This book attempts to tell of vessels, large and small, which have served Alderney over the past centuries. Sometimes when the island has been shrouded in for, ships have lost their bearings or have ventured too near, with the result that fierce currents have been swept them onto reefs, to their doom.

Edited by Chris Lake
Guernsey inc p&p 10.90
UK & Jersey inc p&p 11.40


Every island has a character of its own. This book has jokes poking fun at each of the Islands.

By Roy McLoughlin
Guernsey inc p&p 9.25
UK & Jersey inc p&p 9.75


This book shows that islanders learned how to contend with Nazi regulations, how to survive and how to trust those Germans whose human side was often in contrast to the brutality of Hitler’s regime.

By Peter Collyer
Guernsey inc p&p 24.15
UK & Jersey inc p&p 28.10


A book of paintings of the Channel Islands.

By Beata Moore
Guernsey inc p&p 14.00
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A lovely book showing photograph’s of the Channel Islands.


Guernsey inc p&p 6.75
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A first hand account of life under Nazi rule by the people who lived through it. A 64 page booklet of original wartime photographs and interviews.

By Felicity Crump
Guernsey inc p&p 6.00
UK & Jersey inc p&p 6.50


Where did it come from? "Any account of the Alderney Cow must start by clearing up a muddle about its name". So starts this fully illustrated book of old photographs including one of the 1906 Alderney Prize Cattle show. Among other questions the book attempts to answer is the "Where is it now?" mystery.

By Ken Wilson
Guernsey inc p&p 3.75
UK & Jersey inc p&p 4.25


A book of poems encompassing much of the tranquillity and uniqueness of this most northerly Channel Island. From 'Alderney' Harvest Hymn' to 'Winter Rain in Alderney'. Even 'Alderney's Vintage Cars' which would never pass a UK Ministry of Transport Test (MOT) begins:
The Island cars we take on trust
And view with jaundiced eye the rust...........

Alderney Maritime Trust
Guernsey inc p&p 3.75
UK & Jersey inc p&p 4.25


This fully illustrated booklet chronicles the discovery of the Alderney Tudor Wreck between August 1991 and April 1994 as reported in the Alderney Journal. With the forward by Michael Bowyer, Director of Archaeology for the project, the discovery by local Alderney divers of this unique vessel has provided new information from the Elizabethan period and the latter half of the sixteenth century. The cannon have been one of the most exciting finds and the Alderney Museum and Alderney Maritime Trust continue to preserve artefacts from the perilous dives to the wreck lying in Alderney's treacherous waters.

The Alderney Society
Guernsey inc p&p 5.75
UK & Jersey inc p&p 6.25


These recipes in this little book have been generously given by members of the Alderney Society resident in Alderney. Some are traditional Alderney recipes, some are family recipes that have given pleasure. 'Alderney Bean Jar' and 'Conger Soup' are among the varied assortment and for the non- cooks there is 'Uncooked Chutney' and 'the Reluctant Cook's Chocolate Cake'.
A simple but pleasurable way to touch of Island life and one for the Christmas stocking.

The Alderney Society
Guernsey inc p&p 4.00
UK & Jersey inc p&p 4.50


This book came about as a result of a competition for poems about Alderney. The prize winning poems are scattered through the book and authors include Kenneth Bailey, Honor Butlin, Lois Clark and Kevin Crossley-Holland who have had poems published.

By Victor Coysh
Guernsey inc p&p 1.60
UK & Jersey inc p&p 2.10


An A4 leaflet covering the history of the Royal Alderney Militia starting in 1338 when the Hundred Year War broke out to recollections by local residents written down in the 1960's.

The Alderney Society
Guernsey inc p&p 4.25
UK & Jersey inc p&p 4.75

Covering Pre-Victorian, Victorian and German fortifications this set of 3 pamphlets contain maps of Alderney to indicate the position of structures built in these periods and plans of the Harbour, as it might have been had the original design been completed; Fort Albert and Essex Castle.
The Alderney Society Guernsey inc p&p 7.00
Previous editions 5.00
UK & Jersey inc p&p 7.50
Previous editions 5.50

Annual Publication of the Society

Read about the year’s activities of the Society including reports on the flora & forna and bird & insect populations; weather charts and latest information from the Alderney Wildlife Trust. Many contributed articles cover past and present events and Alderney stories. Approximately 100 pages of illustrated and varied interests.

                                                       Free to Members of the Society

Please note that since the abolition of Low Value Consigment Relief, we now have to pay VAT on all goods, except books, that are sent to the United Kingdom.

Running time: 50 mins Guernsey inc p&p 14.50
UK inc p&p 17.00, including VAT
Jersey inc p&p


Filmed on Alderney & Guernsey and using rare captured wartime newsreels, including the incredible sight of a German infantry unit marching up the High Street, we meet the survivors of this World War II Occupation. Take a 'then and now' look at the massive German fortifications and gun-emplacements. Also featured is the Nazi concentration camp built on Alderney plus a look at artefacts left behind in May 1945. This is a 'behind the scenes' look at some of the fortifications of Hitler's Atlantic Wall.

Running time: 50 mins Guernsey inc p&p 14.50
UK inc p&p 17.00, including VAT
Jersey inc p&p 15.00


A fascinating 3 part documentary about the only British soil to be occupied by the German Forces in WWII. Written and presented by John Nettles

HMS AFFRAY (DVD) Mendham Memorial Lecture 2012
Running time: 54 mins
Guernsey inc p&p 13.00
UK inc p&p 16.00, including VAT
Jersey inc p&p 13.50

Presented by Martin Allen, Secretary of the HMS Affray Submarine Memorial Trust as the Alderney Society annual Victor Mendham Memorial Lecture on 13th April 2012 at the Island Hall, Alderney.
Introduced by David Thornburrow of the Alderney Society, this illustrated talk looks into the reasons for the loss of HMS Affray in April 1951.

3 from each sale goes to the Trust to help with the cost of caring for the memorial.
Unveiling of the Memorial 2012
Running time: 37 mins
Guernsey inc p&p 13.00
UK inc p&p 16.00, including VAT
Jersey inc p&p 13.50

This DVD records the public unveiling of the HMS Affray memorial at Braye Harbour, Alderney on 16th April 2012. It is a moving tribute to the 75 crew who lost their lives when the submarine mysteriously disappeared north west of Alderney in 1951. The service was led by Martin Allen, Secretary of the HMS Affray Submarine Memorial Trust and attended by relatives of the crew, the President of the States of Alderney and members of the Royal British Legion.

3 from each sale goes to the Trust to help with the cost of caring for the memorial.
Running time: 87 mins Guernsey inc p&p 16.25 UK inc p&p 19.80 including VAT
Jersey inc p&p 17.50


This documentary features the beautiful island of Alderney, in the English Channel, which was a fortified base for the British fleet in Victorian times. It was occupied by the German army during World War Two, and became such a crucial part of the Atlantic Wall, the biggest defence line ever built, that it became its strongest defended stretch.
70 years later, most of the fortifications are still there, often close to their original condition, making Alderney an astonishing testimony of coastal defence and especially of the Atlantic Wall.

The most significant of these fortifications are explored and described, with the help of local experts, archive pictures and animations, to illustrate the amazing history of this place, which retains so many traces of static defence and German occupation.
Yet Alderney has also retained its natural beauty, and its forts add an element of charm to this magical island. But there is also a dark side to its fortifications ...

Adolph Island (DVD)
Running time: 52 mins Guernsey inc p&p 16.75 UK inc p&p 20.30 including VAT
Jersey inc p&p 17.50

This DVD is about the unknown story of deportations to Alderney told by the last survivors.
".. I begin my story of those days which were full of horror and of a continuos struggle against starvation. For many years I did not know the correct name of the place where all these events occurred. I only knew that it was a British islnad called 'Adolph'  by the Germans who occupied it, and although I spent
more than a year there, I never heard its proper name spoken."

Table or Mouse Mat

Guernsey inc p&p 5.25
UK inc p&p 7.50 including VAT
Jersey inc p&p 5.75


Suitable as a table mat or a computer mouse mat this 237mm x 189mm (approx 7 x 9 inch) mat has a non-slip backing and depicts Victoria Street, Alderney in the days of horse and cart and gas lamps.